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Christy Bantugan-Bohan, Ph.D.

Psychotherapy for individuals, Couples and Families

Services Provided:

Dr. Bantugan-Bohan has expanded the services she provides by conducting individual, couples, and group psychotherapy while running, walking, or stretching with her clients outdoors.​

Traditional Office Services:

* Individual Psychotherapy: Children, Teens, Adults, & Older Adults​

* Couples Therapy: Premarital Counseling, Marital Therapy, 

     & Divorce Resolution

* Family Psychotherapy: Parenting, Extended Family

* Consultation

Specialty Areas:

Therapy in Motion Program: Dr. Bantugan-Bohan provides an alternative modality

of psychotherapy treatment by administering psychotherapy while running, walking, or stretching with clients outside the office setting, such as, local trails and beaches.

Multicultural Issues: Dr. Bantugan-Bohan works with those who are having problems with a partner, family member, or friend who are from a different cultural, ethnic, or religious back ground from them. Challenges arising from parents who come from traditional cultural, ethnic backgrounds can also be addressed. Dr. Bantugan-Bohan also enjoys helping those with acculturation issues or those from bi-racial backgrounds or in a bi-racial relationship.

Depression & Anxiety: We all experience depression and anxiety at different points in our lives. It is time to seek help when the symptoms do not seem to go away and it begins to effect daily functioning and you are overwhelmed by them. Symptoms of depression include:

feelings of sadness or feeling blue, irritability (particularly with children and teens), sleep disturbance, changes in appetite, decreased energy, problems with concentration, and recurrent thoughts of death. Anxiety can be portrayed by excessive worry, intense fear or discomfort, feeling keyed up or on edge, and easily fatigued.

Relationship Issues: Our relationships are an intregal part of who we are, and how we connect to others can greatly effect us. Psychotherapy can help you and your partner attain the relationship that you desire or assist you in exploring what you want to do about your relationship. Marital therapy can improve communication interactions, establish trust, improve the bond with your partner, increase emotional and physical intimacy, and identify maladaptive patterns.

Occupational Issues: For most of us, we spend the majority of our time at our jobs. It makes sense that we try to be as happy or satisfied in this area as we can be. Finding a career that we're passionate about can be a challenge. Psychotherapy can help decrease work stress, explore career options, increase job satisfaction, and prioritize and balance work and personal life.

Spirituality: Spirituality or one's faith can provide peace and strength when experiencing various life challenges or adversities. It can be a positive resource and tool during the psychotherapy process and beyond.

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